5 Fast Facts About Texas Wine

  1. The Texas Hill Country AVA (American Viticultural Area) is over 9 million acres. Today there are over 8 AVA’s in Texas, and is the USA’s 5fth largest producer of wine.

2. The global wine industry was saved by a Texan named T.V. Munson from Denizen, TX in the late 19th century. Before he learned to graft vines onto pest-resistant American rootstock, a tiny insect (Phylloxera Vasatatrix) was invisibly ravaging the world’s vine.

3. The oldest surviving winery in the state operates in Del Rio: Val Verde. It opened in 1883 and survived Prohibition.

4. There are 12 Master Sommeliers currently residing in Texas. The numbers: 1 Grapevine, 1 North Richland Hills, 2 Dallas, 2 Austin, 6 Houston

5. “The industry contributes more than $1.35 billion annually to the state‚Äôs economy, and has created over 8,000 associated jobs with an annual payroll of almost $300 million in direct wages.” (Edible Austin)

That being said, many Texas wineries have experienced a devastating drop in revenue since Tasting Rooms indefinitely closed their doors. Here are some ideas to both enjoy and help Texas wineries through this time:

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