Where to Buy Wine Locally

It’s up to us all to conscientiously consume while our communities transform and eventually rebuild. Here are some of our lovable, local favorite places to buy wine and spirits from during quarantine:

Austin Wine Merchant (Downtown)

Locally owned and operated since 1991. The spot for craft spirits, vermouths, sherries and fine wines. They’ve transformed all of their operations to offer safe, curbside pickup. Orders placed over the phone.

Royal Blue Grocery (Multiple Locations)

Royal Blue Grocery is a compact urban market that opened its doors in in Downtown Austin in 2006. Curbside pickup and delivery available! Call for wine selections.

Sunrise Minimart (on Burnet, North Austin)

If you know, you know

An unassuming mini mart in North Austin is home to one of the best retail selections of wines in town, pleasing natural wine lovers and regional classic enthusiasts alike.

The Austin Shaker (East Austin)

Small and fierce, head to the Austin Shaker for hard-to-find spirits and reliable wines.

Travis Heights Wines & Spirits (South Austin)

“Opened in 2003, Travis Heights Wine & Spirits (formerly Travis Heights Beverage World) is dedicated to finding unique small production wine and spirits that represent true value and quality.” Download their app for Austin delivery!

Twin Liquors (Multiple Locations)

Twins has been sustaining consumers and restaurants alike across Texas since 1937. Their bi-annual Dollar Sale is one of the best beverage sales in town. Order online for curbside pickup.

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