Saturday’s Class: Native Italian Grapes

How do you read an Italian wine label? What are some of their lesser-known grape varieties? How do we best pair our summer recipes with Italian wines?

There are over 300 grape varieties native to Italy. Join Annie this Saturday at 6 pm CST as we explore the origins and qualities of two grapes with strong Italian roots: Schiava (a red wine) and Carricante (a white wine). She’ll lead a guided tasting of these two classic examples, discuss pairings, and how they reflect the land from which they originate.

To reserve a seat in Annie’s class May 2nd at 6 p.m. CST, please fill out the form below. We keep our classes at an intimate size so that everyone has a chance to participate in the on-going conversation that is wine.


We hope that you’ll consider supporting one of our other Sommeliers who still have classes open for registration this week. Check out our Class Schedule to support another service industry worker in need.

If you’re in Austin and would like to purchase either of Annie’s recommended wines for Saturday’s class, please call the Austin Wine Merchant (512) 499-0512 for safe, curbside pickup of:

  • Red: Abbazia di Novacella Schiava (under $20)
  • White: Terre Nere Carricante (under $30)
  • Or pick up any of your favorite Italian wines

Thank You for All of Your Support!

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