Friday’s Class: A Trip Through Oregon Wines

What types of wines are being produced in Oregon? Which wineries are Somms excited about these days? Just months before quarantine began, one of our Certified Somm’s (Dhruv) was able to take a dream trip across some of Oregon’s best wineries! Join Dhruv this Friday at 5pm CST as he re-explores and explains some of his favorites: Antica Terra, Ovum, Teutonic, Argyle, Soter, and more!

Friday, May 15th at 5pm CST


The Stay-at-Home Somm is a donation-based project that supports displaced wine professionals that have been deeply impacted by Covid-19. To reserve your space, we ask for a $25 donation. Unless otherwise noted, 90% of all donations will directly support your teacher, while the remaining 10% is distributed to another unemployed service industry worker in need.

Once you have submitted your reservation, you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. If you do not receive this email, please reach out to

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