Black Professionals of Wine: Black Winemakers, Winery Owners, Importers and More

June 13th at 12:30pm CST: Join Lucas and Dhruv, two of our certified sommeliers, as they highlight some of the names, the faces, and stories of amazing black professionals and their wines. We will emphasize the importance of understanding who is behind the bottle and have a conversation about the barriers black people face entering and thriving in the industry. By bringing awareness we hope to bolster black owned businesses and bring greater diversity and selection to the wine world in Austin and beyond.

May 30th: Exploring Napa Valley with Lindsay

Two flanking mountain chains, swirling hills, endless bunches of mustard-colored blooms, and over 500 wineries in under 30 miles. The Napa Valley is home to some of the most famed wines in California. Join Certified Sommelier, Lindsay, as she breaks down this stunning region, home to styles that have defined American food and wine culture for decades.

French Wine 101 with Ashley

Have you been waiting to finally understand the iconic wines of France? With over seven distinguished and flourishing wine regions, France can be intimidating for even the most seasoned consumer. Join Certified Sommelier, Ashley, for a trip through this historic country. French wine made easy? Oui, oui.

All About Orange Wines with Paige

This week Paige is back to teach us all about orange wines! Learn how it’s made, where it grows and what flavors you can expect from this ancient wine style. Plus, she’ll share with us her favorite producers and how you should pair orange wine with meals enjoyed at home.

Friday’s Class: A Trip Through Oregon Wines

What types of wines are being produced in Oregon? Which wineries are Somms excited about these days? Just months before quarantine began, one of our Certified Somm’s (Dhruv) was able to take a dream trip across some of Oregon’s best wineries! Join Dhruv this Friday at 5pm CST as he re-explores and explains some of […]

Saturday’s Class: Wine 101 with Lindsay & J.R.

Lindsay and J.R. know that there’s nothing more exciting than beginning your journey into wine– they entered this industry together. But as Somms, they also know how intimidating it can be to start that journey. Get the 101 breakdown of all the basics: how to taste, how wine is made, and where it is grown. Learn the skills you need to talk about the wines you love!


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