How To Sign Up

What the Stay-At-Home-Somm Offers:

**Some of our classes are curated to entirely benefit a local charity. These classes will notate their beneficiary at the top of their class summary. In these instances, the teaching sommelier is donating their time and will not receive funds, and our TipShare program does not apply**

Themed, 30-minute online wine classes hosted by your friendly, neighborhood Sommelier. Topics range week to week, highlight local Austin talent, and are available on our site schedule. Each class is $25 and directly benefits an Austin service industry worker who was recently laid off as a result of Covid-19. This is your chance to ask the wine questions you’ve always wanted to from some of the brightest minds in the city, while supporting some one in need!

  1. Browse our weekly class schedule. All of our wine classes take place on Zoom. If you’re new to Zoom, check out how they have you covered. Our class proctor will also be available to answer questions you may have ahead of time (Contact). Each class lasts about 30 minutes. Near the end, we will have a window for questions.
  2. After picking a class, submit the form to request a reservation at the bottom of the schedule. Capacity is limited to provide the best teaching, interactive experience possible.
  3. Once your reservation has been accepted, we will ask you to confirm with a $25 tip donation. Tips collected will go directly to the Sommelier teaching the class, except for the 10% distributed through our TipShare program (see below). Transactions take place through Venmo or PayPal.
  4. Once the tip has been processed we will send you curated instructions for your class as well as a Zoom invitation. Prior to class, your Somm will recommend a bottle that you can purchase in Austin and enjoy throughout the class. The bottle is optional, but recommended.
  5. Sit back, log on, and enjoy the class! We are here to help you enjoy drinking wine!

“The best wines are those that take you through themselves and out into another world that you could not have gotten to on your own. … It is not something you can summon from a wine; but a great wine can take you there.”

Terry Theise

Tip Donations

While we are all being moved into uncomfortable spaces, not everyone who has been unexpectedly laid off is getting by. When April 1st arrived, some of us weren’t able to pay rent. Others haven’t been able to qualify for unemployment and are experiencing varying delays in accessing government funding. Many of us are accruing debt and are unsure of when we will be able to return to work.

When you are supporting this project, you are not only supporting the Sommeliers that make our hospitality industry vibrant and interesting, but you are also supporting those that make our restaurant eco-systems possible. Here’s how the class tip donations work:

  • Tip donations are designed to benefit a hospitality industry worker the way that a busy night of service would. They walk into a shift with a welcoming smile, and leave with the means to pay their bills, groceries, and medical expenses. The same is true for the Somms teaching our wine classes.
  • 10% of the tip donations are shared with other Austin support workers who have been laid off from the restaurant industry. These workers have either applied for help or have been nominated by an individual.
  • Classes are capped to maintain the integrity of interaction, as well as spread the benefits around our community.