Wine & Wellness with Daniela DaSuta

During these unprecedented times, it’s more difficult than ever to stay present and relaxed. But what if you could use wine as a tool to center your mind amidst the chaos? Come virtually join local wine educator Daniela DaSuta for Wine and Wellness, a class that will offer not only tips on how to achieve mindfulness, but also recommendations on how to choose bottles without hidden additives, sneaky sugar, or other undisclosed ingredients. 

Not available to join us on Friday, but still want to contribute to our #classesforacause? Opt for a copy of the class below and we’ll send you a recording for you to enjoy on your own time!

Date: Friday, September 18th

Time: 6 p.m. CST

Where: via Zoom

Donation: $25

All donations from this event will directly benefit Vintrigue Scholarship! This scholarship will offer assistance to a furloughed beverage industry professional looking to advance their wine and spirits studies. If you’d like to make a separate donation, we are collecting funds via Venmo @DanielaDaSuta or @TheStayAtHomeSomm.

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Bottle Recommendations

To best enjoy this class, Daniela recommends picking up a bottle of any any natural, organic, or biodynamic wine!