TipShare Program

Tipshare: It Takes a Family

The Stay-At-Home Somm project will be distributing a portion of our class donations to Austin service industry workers who are newly unemployed. TipShare distributes grants to unemployed SIN that are struggling to pay their rent, afford groceries, or access benefits.

Here’s to all the bar-backs, porters, valets, back waits, server assistants, dishwashers, runners, and expeditors who’ve made our shifts chingón. After all, it takes a family.

To apply or nominate an individual to receive tip share, fill out the form below:


To qualify for tip share, the applicant / nominee:

  • Must be unemployed as a result of Covid-19
  • Must have worked in a bar or restaurant (cafe, etc.) in the Austin, Texas area
  • Must be able to accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, or mail.